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Contactpersoon: Across
Adres: Technologiepark 3
Postcode: 9052
Gemeente: Gent
Land: België
Telefoon: +32 9 243 60 00
Fax: +32 9 243 60 06
Website: http://www.a-cross.com

Across is a management consultancy and marketing management group, helping organizations around the world to get their messages across. Across Group helps clients target a diverse audience: internal stakeholders, investors/shareholders, media, EU regulatory bodies and customers. In all of these cases, we focus on results and ROI, not solely on developing a strategy or implementing tools. Our attention is on meeting the purpose rather than simply delivering the means. The end-game is to have our clients excel in their endeavors. Across is a fast-growing international group with second-to-none innovative services and products, at the exciting intersection of technology, marketing and business strategy. At of September 2011, Across Group counts 80 consultants from 11 nationalities operating worldwide.

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